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Wednesday, July 15, 2020
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Uganda Crisis Relief


It is not too late to make a donation

From our June Chimes Newsletter

Uganda Crisis Relief Project

By Pastor Michele Robbins

Thank you all for your generous donations to the Uganda Crisis Relief project.

$350 has been wired to Katikara, Uganda.

With those funds food, soap and salt were purchased so far. 

1. Posho (ground corn) - 250kg = 551 lbs

2. Salt - 80 lbs

3. Beans - 80 kg = 176 lbs

4. Soap - 2 cases

The remaining items are yet to come. 

All of the families who have picked up the items purchased give their great thanks.

Funds for the Sesee, Uganda jurisdiction will be sent out soon.


Thank you again for your generous spirit.
Shalom, Pastor Michele


From Pastor Michele’s weekly update 5/21/2020

I want to begin with a big thank you for the generous donations that have come through our Uganda Crisis Relief project. We have raised almost $700 so far. Some of the funds were sent to Katikara, Uganda this week for the purchase of food, soap, sanitizers, and wash buckets. The mask project will begin soon.

Rehemah sent me a picture of her family with a message that said, "Thank you so much. We were ready for lunch." They had been surviving on just a small amount of porridge due to the food shortage and skyrocketing costs. Now they are feasting on beans, rice and posho which is ground corn. They are so grateful for what they have received.



From our May Chimes Newsletter

Uganda Fundraiser

By Pastor Michele Robbins

The pandemic has hit East Africa and is causing some extreme hardships for my friends in Uganda. Pastor Baamu Moses reached out asking for help because they are having food shortages and the cost of soap and salt (used to make soap) have skyrocketed. I have known Pastor Moses since 2013 when I traveled there with an UMVIM group to work with subsistence farmers. He is a man who truly cares for the people in his rural area near Jinja. The Communities of Shalom group that we work with there is working on a project that would provide a water bucket, food (basics such as potatoes and grains), soap, and one face mask per household. The cost per bucket with lifesaving items is about $10. They have 23,000 households in the area. 

I have applied for a $10,000 grant from UMCOR. If the grant is given, it will help them provide for 1,000 families. There are many more families, so I am asking for your help to raise funds. We will be giving a gift of Ugandan jewelry for donations that are a little higher than the normal cost of each piece. You can find some samples of the jewelry below and on our Facebook page with minimum donation amounts for the auction items. Make your special offering donation, with “UCR” in the note field, here or by mail to UUMC PO Box 323, Ukiah, CA 95482. Then let me know your preference if applicable and your delivery address by Facebook messenger or email.

Please share this fundraiser with your friends. Thank you so much for your compassion and assistance in this endeavor.  Shalom, Pastor Michele


“Sadly, I do think most deaths will be in those countries (Africa, Asia and South America), and the most extreme economic pain..." – Bill Gates on PBS News Hour, April 7, 2020



Levels for Donation Gifts:


 For earrings, please state your preference for hoops or dangles.
For necklaces, please state preference for solid color or multicolor.


Silent/Live Auction Items have all been won.


In town residents will have the items delivered to their door/porch. Out of town residents will have items mailed to them. Please provide your address for delivery. Items will be delivered after the donation is received.